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Ghost Encounter Investigative Specialists Team

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About the G.E.I.S.T. crew...
GEIST is based in Tallahassee, Florida, and is a fellowship of four friends who have previously been members of other investigative teams.
We are not here to "compete" with any of the several other research groups in the Florida panhandle.  Rather, the groups in this area, and indeed around the world, are working toward the long-term goal of explaining what seems, for now, to be unexplainable.  What makes GEIST unique, and what led us to leave our existing research teams to form our own, is not defined in terms of "right" or "wrong".  It is a difference in philosopy, in approach, or in our short-term goals.
GEIST is committed to investigating paranormal activity in a discreet, respectful manner.  We adhere to IGHS standards, which includes respect for property, for the living, and for the deceased (who are, after all, what brought us here).
We value discretion, first and foremost, for the privacy of our members and of the property owner.  As such, you may see on this site stories about an investigation which refer to a member of our team only by an initial.  Likewise, you will NEVER see a location mentioned by name or any identifying information other than a vague location reference, except with the direct permission of the owner.
Ghost Encounter Investigative Specialists Team -- Tallahassee, FL